Digital Drawing

Through my drawings, I demonstrate my habit, interest, style, and imagination.


Bizarre Creatures

I create some bizarre female creatures with Japanese style of drawing which style I get inspired the most from anime, manga, and Japanese traditional paintings.




"Spirited Away" Characters

In this project, I recreate with my own mixed animation and realistic style some characters of the "Spirited Away" animation movie from Ghibli Studio. 





Nintendo "Pokemon Go" Characters

This is the project that I also recreate the popular characters of Nintendo video games. The specialty of this project is all the characters costume themselves to Pokemon to celebrate the releasing of Pokemon Go. 


The Ancient Gods of Greece

This is the personal illustration project inspired by the Greek Mythology Gods. I create the “Twelves greatest Greek Gods and Goddesses” images with my geometric style which is flat, modern, and minimal with pointy legs and arms.