Event Packaging

Event Packaging

Mask It Up

  • This project is the complete packaging for the Mask Festival happened in San Jose, CA. The packaging design which includes Poster, Mask, Badge, T-shirt and Pin, follows the theme of neon color schemes and contour lines art to convey the enthusiastic and effervescent feeling of the festival.


Portfolio ARTS63-7.jpg
  • Badge: 3 x 2.5 - Pin: 2 x 2 (inch)
mask it up.jpg
  • Poster: 11 x 17 (inch)

John Baeder

  • The goal of this project was to create the social media visual which supports advertising the exhibition of a well-known artist, John Baeder, including a Facebook banner and three news feed images for three events of the exhibition. It is incorporating the existing museum branding and design language was required to create this catalog.
John Baeder Banner.png
John Baeder Banner 2.png
up coming.jpg
now showing.jpg
thank you.jpg


  • The next requirement for this project was to design a museum catalog (letter size) for the exhibition include front and back cover, table of contents page, biography page of the artist as well as the artist’s works exhibited in the museum.
John Baeder Brochure Cover.jpg
John Baeder Brochure 01.jpg
John Baeder Brochure 02.jpg
John Baeder Brochure 03.jpg
John Baeder Brochure 04.jpg
John Baeder Brochure 05.jpg
John Baeder Brochure 07.jpg

54th Chicago
Film Festival

  • This poster is my submission for the 54th Chicago International Film Festival Poster Design Competition which themes is "Everybody Loves Movies." The annual competition seeks out a unique poster to serve as the key image for the Festival taking place October 10-21, 2018.
Chicago cover.jpg
  • The design is easily translated to a variety of print mediums, such as catalog, graphic T-shirt, paper bag, and pin.
pin chicago.jpg
Paper Bag PSD Mockup Chicago.jpg
Chicago 2.jpg
Tshirt Chicago.jpg

Movie Release

  • The goal of this project was to create the full package including posters, banners, and billboard which supports advertising the release date of the movie YEU happened in Vietnam. In this project, I not only worked with the producer team of the movie but also worked with two members of my team at YMG corporate who are Alicia Billon and Maxk Nguyen.
Poster - POSM 2.png