02 logo idec.jpg

SYML Website Layout


The project's goal is to redesign the existed website of SYML, an Indie singer/songwriter in the USA.

Project 01 SYML Website Layout.jpg

The layout process includes logo redesign and website layouts from wireframes to final layouts.
The idea and mood board come from the feelings of being lonely in the wide wild world of an emotional artist. Thus, all the single covers are the inspiration for the new logo redesign scheme. The logo named SYML would be simple, abstract, and related to the free and spectacular living spirit.

02 logo ideb.jpg

SYML album/single covers

02 logo idea.jpg

SYML new logo idea

05 lAYOUTWEBwf.jpg

Website wire frame

05 lAYOUTWEBff.jpg

Website final full layout

Mockup Laptop 01.jpg

Home page layout

Mockup Laptop 02.jpg

Media/Album page layout

Mockup Laptop 03.jpg

Tour schedule page layout